Window for a special school

The theme is a scandinavian story: the bleeding swan. It’s the inspiring source for the schoolcommunity.

After the piece was installed, the rising sun gave an extra light show for free.

window The Bleeding Swan

The Bleeding Swan

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20160128_115016 RIMG0242

Pyramid try-out

Pyramide try-out

Further development in Pyramids, with Geir and Josja.

Further development in Pyramids, with Geir and Josja.

Vases in shopwindow

etalage Kuyt

During the Tulips in Amsterdam Weekend, Patisserie Kuyt filled the window with two vases full and prolonged the show with a week and fresh tulips!!!!

Also have a look at my Goethe vases!

New website under construction

IMG_0478Welcome to – we are currently constructing a new portfolio website. It will work on every browser and mobile devices. Watch this space! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please click contact to mail me. For now, have a look at this video.

Blue glass vase


Double vase on sandblasted foot. 

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